‘Last Night in Norwich’ is the latest release by The Chamberlains. This Alt, Indie-Rock track counts with a very alluring and eerie guitar intro. While also providing some dark and mysterious vocals.

On a general basis, The Chamberlains self-describe as “blend loud and abrasive rock tones with darkly comic lyricism exploring the absurd and grotesque corners of modern society.”

So it comes as no surprise that the Australia-based band have chosen rather macabre lyrics inspired by one of the most twisted chapters in American history and the 20th century.

Delightfully balanced back and forth conversation between singer and instruments makes the track also kind of breathy.  The guitar has a strong, solid momentum that is echoed by a bold bass and resolute drums.

The vocals feel very human, approachable and clear-cut. Pronunciation and intonation is very narrative and enticing.

The Chamberlains have previously released an album called ‘Kingdom of the Swine’ and another single named ‘Jas Vidal’, both available on Spotify.

The melody is catchy, not too gentle, not too loud, a proper representation of what Alt-Rock is all about. As the rhythm flows naturally, the coordination between the instruments and the vocals playing one after another creates a skillfully energetic and steady tempo.