Laredo’s bag, based in Norfolk, the US is releasing its first single with a new start this year. Being skilled in songwriting and a creative mastermind in music, Laredo’s invented this single called “Last Night.” It’s just a start for their debut album that will be yet released after.

The music in this one has a captivating groove that fills you up with dopamine—starting it off by telling us a story of how the love between the two sparked up instantly. Chaos in your stomach is the best way to describe the sensation you have after “I Love You” is said.

Fun and melodic tunes that have jumpy rhythmic drum beats. Feeling nostalgic for the classical music, imagining a black-and-white scene with a couple dancing the night away on the dance floor.

“Last Night” is the kind of track you can listen to over a simple night and work on your project within a coffee shop or a cozy night in your house. It’s the kind of track that gives you nostalgic memories that gets you to crack a smile.