Von Bertz

German stoner and blues rock band Apewards are presenting us with the first single off of their recently announced full-length EP, and it is brilliant in every single way.

Based in Marburg, Germany, Apewards are an experienced group of musicians who regularly gig and write killer guitar music. Known for their endlessly tight and loud live sound, we are glad to be reporting that both the tightness and loudness translate quite well on their single, Last Dance.

Last Dance is a song composed of a litany of juicy guitar riffs. Gritty and dynamic, the song’s riffs play quietly at parts and loudly at others, almost always transitioning between the two ends so smoothly it’s unnoticeable. The intro riff sounds massive is one of the song’s most standout features, played in an uber-heavy sounding dropped tuning on the guitar for an instantly recognizable sound. The bass is terrifically tight as it follows the riffs of the guitar, giving them heft and depth. The vocals are impressive and reach soaring highs with ease. A hallmark of a great singer. And the false ending had me grinning like an idiot.

Last Dance sounds like a promising promotion for Apeward’s upcoming album. If the whole thing is as hard-hitting and as punchy as this tune is, then I’m fully on board. Check out Last Dance if you’re into some juicy riff rock.