Southampton classic rock band extraordinaire Galaxy Thief releases their last single for the year 2023…and they’re closing the year on an extremely high and powerful note…”Last Chance” is a powerful and authentic classical rock that can’t be missed at any cost.

The awesome people of Galaxy Thief have been disrupting the industry quite powerfully…being hailed as winners of Glastonbury Festival’s Pilton Party 2023, Yamaha Music London’s first-ever UK music ambassadors and recent ‘Best Live Act’ nominees in the Dorset Original Music Awards…what an epic journey this has been so far…smashing any musical expectations with epic levels of their unique musicality and mojo.

Galaxy Thief ends the year with “Last Chance”, an uber-classical rock song bursting with powerful melodic lines, vocals that go from smooth to soaring and powerful when needed… along with one of the best guitar solos for the year…

“Last Chance” starts out with an ingenious little guitar riff that instantly hooks and captivates listeners…the song then keeps building up and grows into a rich multi-layered masterpiece that truly creates each melodic and rhythmic element to perfectly match the other…each line of bass, vocals, guitars complement and build upon each other.

The song keeps building up till an explosive switch in pace and opts for an upbeat double-tempo drum section… This is where we lost our minds completely…

With the success Galaxy Thief has been accumulating, it is inevitable that in the very near future, their star will shine brightly on an international level and among the biggest icons in music.

We wish the amazing artists all the best in life, can’t wait to hear more of their brilliant music.