Jeremy Varner

Starting from a dream about a long-lost music hit, Alec Berlin started crafting his fourth solo record Space Punk and Other Junk. Influenced by legendary producer Daniel Lanois, Berlin dropped his single LaNoise on the 12th of January 2023. Let’s dig deeper into it together.

Alec Berlin’s LaNoise is the chill guitar hero piece you didn’t know that you need until you push play. Berlin’s unique sound mixes a lot of techniques and styles from blues to country and even flamenco and classical, all in perfect harmony within a solid structure. LaNoise has a playful groovy pace that smoothly carries the listener throughout the song’s dynamic twists and turns, while Alec Berlin lays some bright, colorful, and extremely fluid melodies that softly slip into the back of your mind, and instantly switch your mood. Berlin‘s warm guitar tone kept the mood intact, this helped him move freely between different styles and techniques without compromising the mood and helped the listener focus more on his mesmerizing, enjoyable guitar playing.

LaNoise demonstrates Alec Berlin‘s writing and playing skills, he managed to cleverly create a lovely laid-back tune that’s approachable to a wide range of audiences, while giving a killer enjoyable performance that he made it sound like an easy job. Totally recommended, and will make me keep an eye on Alec Berlin‘s work as I look forward to more. Cheers, and keep on rocking!

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