“Lamb of God” is the debut single from US-based rocker The Stuart Patti Project. The project is intended to pay homage to classic rock from the 70s and 80s but in a fresh modern flavour. From the vision that Stuart had, there are some areas that he perfected and some that, in my opinion, still need some work. The single sounds so dark and dramatic and the reverb on the guitar adds an ominous quality to the sound. The overall vibe of the track reminds me of 2000s Alternative bands like Seether and Chevelle, but the vocals have a ton of originality and freshness to them. The only thing I disliked about the vocals was the use of autotune over a passage that was sung in the upper chest register. The potential shown at the start of the track almost makes me certain he could’ve done it without the autotune, but this was probably used for style rather than vocal capability (or lack thereof). The bassline is creepy and the drumming is on point. The most brilliant thing about this song, aside from its 10/10 lyrics, has got to be the tone of the guitar. I love the cool badass way the track had a buildup to it, but it was a little anticlimactic that the second half of the track saw no change of pace, mood or tempo but then again, that crescendo was made to be smooth rather than bombastic. There is a part of me that’s a sucker for 2000s Alternative Rock and Metal that used to get creative without sophisticating the songwriting, and this accounts for why tracks like Lamb of God sparked my attention, but all the good parts shown here create a demand for more. You can fit this song as an album opener or a concert opener because of these qualities, as I have a feeling it represents Stuart’s talent but doesn’t spoil all the tricks he has up his sleeve. I’m looking forward to the full record in the future and where this tune will place in the tracklist.