I have been excited for any release from Lamb of God. Ever since they announced they’re working on the new album, my excitement hit the ceiling. I am a big fan of Lamb of God… like BIG fan.
‘512’ is the newest (second) release by Lamb of God from their upcoming album, Sturm UndDrang, which will be released worldwide on 24th July. The band released the single on the night (CLT of course) of June the 8th.

I gotta say the intro of the song is pretty good; the guitar that starts it is nothing like the guitars we’ve heard in any of the previous albums. The way this guitar is played throughout most of the verses is absolutely eargasmic. The guitar riffs throughout the whole song are really vibrant. I have never witnessed such greatness of the guitars in the old albums like this song. They really shine through the song. You could clearly enjoy them. Has Lamb of God ever had good guitar riffs? Yes. Has they ever had good eargasmic guitar riffs? Not until these releases.

The guitar solo… I cannot describe how much I was surprised by it. The addition of the guitar solo gave the song a greater touch. I wanted more of that solo.

I have to admit, Randy Blythe’s vocals have grown more monstrous. The different vocal styles he shows through the song is catching. Come on guys, how many of you working on your extreme vocals have tried to copy Randy’s vocals and failed? Yeah, sure it could have been a success to just try to copy one of the many styles he provides, but have you succeeded at them all together? I don’t think so. God bless that man’s vocals.

The lyrics of course are important when it comes to Metal music; you know there is a message there. The lyrics in this upcoming album are said to have been inspired by Randy Blythe during his time in prison. I could not appreciate it enough if I tried. The best thing about his vocals is that it’s very monstrous; yet clear enough for you to make sense of the lyrics. Many extreme/brutal vocalists fail at providing this. Seriously guys, God bless ALL of Randy Blythe.

Here’s to my favorite part, the drums; the one and only Chris Adler. The ability of Chris Adler to deliver this focus on the beauty –aka drums- while also working withMegadeth. I got to know Lamb of God through Chris Adler in drummer festival. I just kept watching the video every day for a month; I was like “HOLY MOTHER OF ALL DRUMS!” The smoothness of him on the drums made my jaw drop. Ever since I focused more on his work. To me, his drumming work always had the spotlight. This song, it also shone through besides the guitars, which really doubles the greatness of the song. I’ve always been a fan of his way of drumming, the perfect usage of the cymbals and giving them respect with the double pedals supporting the work. This time it was not any less perfect, on the contrary, it was flawless.

The songs the band released has definitely got each fan too eager for that album. Our expectations were high when they said they were working on the album and the teasers. After the songs have been released, our expectations have no limit. Lamb of God has quenched our thirst for their music for sure, but we are greedy people so we’re waiting for more in that album. The album sounds promising. If you have never liked Lamb of God  –which I doubt- you will LOVE them for sure after you listen to these songs. To hear more about the band’s releases and news, you should visit their Facebook page and Twitter account. To read about their first single‘Still Echoes’, also click on this link.

Edited by: NJ Bakr