All the way from Melbourne comes another new hit from the Australian artist and musical explorer Jimmy Stanfield…” Lake Fire” is a musical experience that can’t be put in a musical box or labeled with a single word…unless this word is stunning.

Singer/songwriter Jimmy Stanfield features some brilliant talents on “Lake Fire” that includes Noah Bond on drums and percussion (Cut worms/Jagjaguwar/Bonny Doon ANTI) & Nick Rossen on strings (Gladys Knight Motown/Ty Dolla Sign Atlantic)…and the results speak for themselves…some of the most iconic melodies and sounds are waiting for you to explore it…so do this right now and check Jimmy Stanfield’s “Lake Fire”.

“Lake Fire” does something very unique…it sounds classic and futuristic at the same time…the guitar strumming rhythm is super charismatic and well known, but the way it’s portrayed musically and strategically is part of the musical composition…this is from the future.

The sounds in the intro, especially those, are super cinematic, filled with storytelling elements and acts as a brilliant way to take us into this new and unique sonic world that Jimmy has created.

…you know what…now that I think of how “Lake Fire” makes me feel…it feels like futuristic 70s music…with a hint of symphonic presence…it’s not your typical or usual song that you’d come across…but it should be, this artistic energy should be at the center of what the audiences consume normally…

The whole musical experience is super polished, super tight, and feels absolutely amazing…from beats to bass lines to guitar licks…everything comes together beautifully and artistically.

“Lake Fire” will sit at the top 10 top recommendations from me for 2023, that’s for sure.

Wishing Jimmy and all the artists on this song all the best…can’t wait to experience what Jimmy cooks up next, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.