Exploring themes of self-esteem and paranoia-as described by the artist- Cloud Vincent dropped his single Lady of the Night on the 7th of April 2023. Mixing his influences with his original sound, Vincent takes us on a chill journey, let me tell you more about it.

Cloud Vincent offers an entertaining fluid experience on Lady of the Night. He opened Lady of the Night with a subtle groovy beat and a playful catchy vocal melody, both leading the song’s build-up and setting its easy-going mood. Adding some guitar melodies to the mix, Cloud Vincent slowly takes the song’s dynamics to the next level with fresh melodic guitars, changing vocal melodies, and injecting more powerful beats into his sound, creating an energetic mix with an irresistible groove. Lady of the Night has a solid flowing structure with a multi-layered arrangement in perfect harmony and smooth seamless progression, making it one of the catchiest tunes I’ve listened to in a while.

Lady of the Night is a cool tune with a beautiful mellow flow and strong groove, it has a catchy sound that’ll make it easily slip into your “On Repeat” playlist right from the very first play. I’ll be looking forward to more from Cloud Vincent, keep on rocking. Cheers!