Markus Gmür

After the release of their debut record “Silent Treatment” the alternative rock duo Metrophobia hits again with their latest single “Kryptonite for the Superman”. Armed with heavy bass, energetic tunes, catchy melodies and relatable subject about woman struggling to find a decent man, Metrophobia are ready to go to the next level and we’ll see how they used that right now.

With an engaging energetic riff that’ll get the audience right in the mood “Kryptonite for the Superman” starts, the verse sets a story telling mood with the deep vocal melody and harmonies makes you pay attention to the lyrics. I loved the layering of the guitars and effects at the bridge and chorus gave the song a shift from groovy riffs with heavy bass and drums to bigger dramatic sound specially, when it is connected to the solo after 2nd chorus.

“Kryptonite for the Superman” is super radio friendly. It has a modern alternative rock sound that clearly has strong hard rock roots and that’ll make it appealing to a wide range of audience plus, the lyrics are pretty catchy and mixed with its strong groove I can easily see their fans jumping around singing out loud.

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