With his new album coming out, Second Adam & The New Creations dropped the new single “Kiss The Son” on the 18th of November 2022. The brainchild of the American artist Abe Germano mixes rocking tunes with religious lyrics in an enjoyable melodic flow that’s worth checking out. Let me tell you more about it.

Second Adam & The New Creations opens “Kiss The Son” with a bright catchy melody that softly shifts into a fluid groovy verse. The verse’s warm vocal melody leads into a dynamic catchy chorus, with cool interesting arrangements and crunchy riff. “Kiss The Son” has interesting hooking dynamics with a structure that keeps on smoothly progressing towards a bigger sound. It keeps on changing and gaining melodic layers, with well-written orchestrations and intense jazzy drumming, adding to its evolving sound and led by an amazing expressive vocal melody filled with emotions and pushing further its boundaries.

“Kiss The Son” will take you on a heartfelt emotional journey with Second Adam & The New Creations. It has a smooth sweet progression that carries the listener slowly along its well-written melodic flow, showing lots of talent and a great sense of melody. I’m really glad I got to check out Second Adam & The New Creations’ work, looking forward to more, cheers!