What do you think happens when old school 50s rock n roll fans try to make music in 2022? The answer is “Kiss Me” by WHAM BAM!

The duo Nico Tourelle and Gideon Kretschmer have been making music together since 1996 until they decided to unleash it on the world under the name WHAM BAM. Occasionally joined by lyricist Ramon Rabie, they released 5 singles so far and the 6th “Kiss Me” was out on the 6th of May, 2022. It was recorded and mixed by WHAM BAM at HopePunk Studios in the UK, and mastered at TL Mastering in South Africa.

Sometimes all you need to do is lay down some simple direct lyrics and write a cool hook without overcomplicating things and that’s what WHAM BAM did. “Kiss Me” is one of those songs that gets played on the radio once in your car and you’ll catch yourself humming its melody for a week. It’s catchy with a simple yet memorable melody and hook. Nico Tourelle and Gideon Kretschmer both have really nice voices and their vocal harmonies sound lovely specially mixed with the synth melody, they’ll keep you swaying your head from start to end. 

“Kiss Me” is a modernized “WHAM BAMM-ED” version of old school rock n roll and pop rock, it’s catchy and can easily live inside your head for a week and this will help them a lot once they can get it on the radio. Totally recommended for pop/pop rock fans, keep an eye on those guys. Cheers! 


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