Tell me, who isn’t looking for good retro pop vibes with meaningful lyrics? The LA-based incredible artist Xuavage Love delivered this perfectly through his latest single, Kiss Cash! Let’s find out! 

The song vibes are extraordinary indeed, you will love it easily from the first beat. The hidden harmony within the song itself is astonishing, and it’s so melodic that it can easily keep rolling in your mind. I can see that his vocals are so emotive, powerful, and energetic too and that fits the whole production and comes out in a neat shape. Nowadays, many artists assume that they are merging the modern and vintage elements together through their music, however, they’re all doing that balance perfectly. When I checked out Xuavage’s music, I was really amazed how it’s balanced through the songwriting, production, and the mix. 

According to his press info, he wanted to tell people that no one wasn’t the happy moments to end up, which is true. Imagine you’re in a relationship, or hanging out with friends, and having a warm family gathering… Yeah! Those lovely moments, who wants it to end really? “We don’t want happiness to end so give me more time! it’s really just about discovering love for yourself and others (Your money baby) (I’m money baby)” – Xuavage clarified. Well, enjoy your moment, and feel the vibes below!