Credit: Gemma Wickham

Stay For Tomorrow looks back at their debut single “Kings and Queens”, which they re-mastered, re-recorded and released showcasing their development and growth as a band over the years which is clear in this new release. The 4-piece alternative rock band from Dunfermline, United Kingdom, consisting of Joe MacFarlane on vocals and guitars, Nic Holson on guitars, synth, and backing vocals, Ollie Cobbet on bass, and Sean Priestley on drums, formed in 2018. . Since their debut “Kings and Queens” in 2019 they have released 7 singles which they re-released in the album “The Story So Far” on April 21st. Within a month, the band has gained over 50k streams across multiple platforms and garnered more than 3700 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Described by the band as a reflection on a past relationship and the attempts to rekindle it, “Kings and Queens” showcases the growth and changes that occur between two individuals over time. The remastered version of the song immediately demonstrates improvements in quality and production, with perfectly fitted guitar tones, clearer vocals, fuzzed bass, and well-defined drums. The addition of a lead synth to highlight and complement the lead guitars adds depth and harmony to the overall sound. The song itself is upbeat and groovy, driven by fuzzed bass and hard-hitting drums, complemented by melodic guitar riffs and lead lines, topped by flawless vocals. Each band member displays mastery of their instrument, while highlighting their musicality and harmony.

Overall, “Kings and Queens” is an energetic and well-produced song that serves as an excellent introduction to Stay For Tomorrow. It showcases the band’s musicianship and unity, and it’s highly recommended to explore not only “Kings and Queens” but also their latest album, “The Story So Far.”