Manchester-based punk rockers Tokeo are back with “King of the Town,” the last single off their upcoming debut album “Class Traitor”. With their edgy sound and big attitude, those guys are making it loud and clear that they are not happy with the direction their government is heading.

Tokeo’s raw and spontaneous sound is still alive and kicking, with a more melodic layer added to their mix giving their music more depth and texture on King of the Town.” Rory Kelly’s fluid vocals are catchy, with RHCP meets Rage Against The Machine badass vibes added to Tokeo’s signature freestyle-like melodies that were pretty notable in their previous single “I.A.F.D” too.  The melodic guitars helped push the vocal to the front and, alongside the jazzy drumming, carried the song’s streaming groove and fully controlled the song’s changing dynamics. “King of the Town” has an exciting structure, with groovy chill parts seamlessly shifting to energetic jump-around sections and kinda-emotional melodic parts, all in a solid coherent flow and total harmony. 

“King of the Town” showed Tokeo’s highly melodic side without losing their punkish raw essence. Its solid changing structure says a lot about their songwriting skills, while their melodies clearly show their musicianship and well knowledge of their direction and desired sound. I’m always looking forward to more from Tokeo, keep on rocking guys, cheers!