Kilmara (Which means Jade – I think?) is a melodic metal band that grabbed the attention of those titles, while listening to their newest album “Love songs & other nightmares” that represents the fiery passion of those Catalonian lads. Passion and spirit floods all over the record that has been directed pretty well musically and record-wise.


2003 was the launching year with a band of all-Spanish lineup till getting the German Christian “Wolf” Kohl as a vocalist, having him singing in Spanish till they managed to turn all the lyrics into English to expand their boundaries after the first two EP’s and their debut album ‘Hunting Dreams’ were all till this moment sung and directed in English to gain an international fan base not just in Spain.


I liked the idea of the album art, the perfect look of a metalhead girl, with the red hair and the aggressive, yet playful, look that will definitely grab your attention to search for the band’s page and works to know who is this fine piece of beauty. Well-played boys!

The album is not that melodic to my taste; it is well constructed without overdoing it, keeping the riffing and solo plays at a respectable pace throughout the tracks. The heavy influence of heavy metal gives a good taste to all the tracks especially “Believe”, No one can tell easily that this is a new band but to be honest the harmony between the music and the vocalist’s lines is in a serious need to be worked on, Also he needs to put in more soul-than-skill to get us more caught up with the album.


As the 12 track ride goes on, each track is a good successor to the next, It will be a total unfair judgment to rip each track apart like we do with each album we review here, But I need to point out that I liked the folk touch in ‘Alpha’ till I was interrupted with the screams inside the same track.


All in all I DO recommend this track to all heavy metal and progressive metallers all across the world, It will give you an eye-opening on an up-and-coming Spanish metal hard workers. Please join us enjoying this track for them, ‘Cold Rain’ which was chosen to be the visual introduction to them on YouTube. 


Reviewed by: Ahmed Ali Atteya

Edited by: Nehal Ali


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