Killcode is an American band that described as a Southern infused Rock/Metal band. They started in 2008 and released 2 EPs and one LP.

‘The Wrong Side’ is actually a nice song. It has a catchy chorus and is easy to listen to. Strongly backed up by outstanding strong vocals, which, in my opinion, are what highlighted the track. Yet, the instruments play a great part too. All in all, the song is not bad at all.

However, I kind of got lost in the music video. They were showcasing the Rock lifestyle while trying to fit in a storyline but they focused more on the former and neglected to clarify the latter. After the second time, I figured out that the idea is about his girlfriend cheating on him with another girl, which winds up with her being dumped. I’m not even sure if I got it right. Some few parts in the video seemed to be pointing to something that I didn’t quite catch either. The music video could’ve been a little neater.

My favorite parts- if I liked any- are the parts where the band is performing. I can see the band has charisma and there’s chemistry between the band music and performing wise.


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