A loud song, loud lyrics and loud reasons, for a loud topic. Kids Don’t Buy Groceries is the latest song from Hyattsvillain.

“We were in the grocery store and this obese woman was carting around an obese toddler and filling the cart with sodas, cookies, and the most unhealthy food in the whole place. We didn’t say anything at the moment so we wrote this song to lash out.” –the band says.

This fortissimo Alt-Rock song combines the power of guitar with the strength of shrill vocals to discuss a dark, deep but important topic: education.

The tune difference between the instrumentation and vocals is kinda harsh. The electric guitar and bass take over the main role of the singer, which voice drags a bit slower than the rhythm of the music itself.

Although ‘Kids Don’t Buy Groceries’ is labelled as Alt-Rock, it could easily pass for a Heavy Rock piece that would fit an underground, grungy club.

Resonant, strident, this song is perfect if you ever want to shout your lungs out and release all the madness. Or also when it’s leg day at the gym and you forgot to bring your protein shake.
“Kid’s Don’t Buy Groceries” is the 4th release from “Short Songs for a Fast Life,” Hyattsvillain’s first full-length album, due out Summer 2022 on Super Heavy Records.

mixed by multi-platinum, GRAMMY Award-winning Andros Rodriguez (think Joywave, Madonna, Santigold), and mastered by Alan Douches (Xiu Xiu, Motörhead, Thrice, Mastodon).