Hailing from Cologne, Nice, and L.A, the rocking trio The Hybris are back with their latest headbanger “Keep The Wolves Away”. With influences ranging from punk, rock, and pop to even hardcore bands, the trio blends all these while adding their secret ingredient to create a unique energy-boosting sound. “Keep The Wolves Away” was out on the 18th of November alongside a-must check out-music video that’ll get you more into its mood but first, let me tell you more about how it sounds like. 

The Hybris starts “Keep The Wolves Away” with the most fitting, anticipating arpeggios and marching drums, creating a perfect build-up, before it explodes into an engaging, expressive verse with a big sound and highly energetic riffs. I loved The Hybris’  diverse vocal delivery, it felt so natural and organic, and what’s more important, reflecting the song’s fluidly ever-changing riffs. The tight insanely enjoyable drumming created an irresistible groove and was aided by the heavy and surfing melodic riffs, creating a fluid dynamic stream that flows throughout the song’s structure from the 1st to the last note. The most impressive thing about “Keep The Wolves Away”, is how it maintains its energy with catchy riffing, groovy flow, and those expressive vocals, it even has an interlude around the 2:40 minute mark that builds up to a big outro, boosting the energy in a way that I didn’t think was even possible!

“Keep The Wolves Away” is a blasting hurricane of riffing energy that delivers its message loud and clear. It clearly shows The Hybris’ character and direction and man, I’d love to see this played live. Those guys have well knowledge of their sound and where are they going, with well-written melodies, carefully arranged in a super dynamic structure that’ll keep you engaged throughout the whole song. I’ll be keeping an eye on The Hybris, looking forward to more, cheers!