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Up until recently, Silcrow were still called Close to the Bone, and to celebrate their new skin, they are gracing us with a hard-hitting single of gigantic proportions.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Silcrow are already receiving accolades from peers and gaining traction in their local live music circles, and listening to this song, it becomes very easy to understand why that is. The band has an explosive sound that can be compared to Alt Rock’s finest, this song could have easily been featured as Brand New or Breaking Benjamin’s latest release.

Keep the Silence is a relatively short, but readily dynamic and active Alternative Rock song that features a slow and steady tempo, charismatic melodies, and ever-present singing. The guitars are masterfully utilized, with verses that are completely based on a thick, overdriven bass guitar part and a brooding composition, with guitar atmospherics that set a haunting mood as the drums thump and stomp confidently, before they explode on the choruses with an explosive riff with a monstrous tone, distorted, and with heavy chorusing. Delicious.

A solid release that’s just going to cement Silcrow’s ever-growing status as one of New Zealand’s most serious and attention-deserving fresh names. Full of carefully calculated production and colorful composition and vivid sonic and verbal imagery. With a surprise in the last bar


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