Glasgow-based rockers Ruby Nixxons hit again with the new earworm “Keep On Keeping On”, proving their solid rocking roots and diverse influences, so let’s see how it goes

Ruby Nixxons’  warm groove-driven sound and signature bluesy vocals on “Keep On Keeping On” created a mellow swaying mood that carries you softly forcing you to chill and stay focused. The guitar tone choice was pretty smart, working in total harmony with the fat bass and groovy drumline, especially at the fluid catchy chorus, while the song’s subtle streaming dynamics helped set a mellow mood within a rocking sound in a super approachable entertaining structure.

“Keep On Keeping On” offers a new view to Ruby Nixxons’ sound, keeping their rocking dynamics while offering a warm chilling groove with interesting bass and drum lines resulting in a tune that’s enjoyable by any music fan regardless of their preferences. Looking forward to more from Ruby Nixxons, keep on rocking guys, cheers!