You’re invited to an inspirational musical journey with Clay Joule’s “Keep On.” On the ethereal journey, you’ll find the push you need to control your own destiny through thought-provoking lyricism, mesmerizing composition, and pleasing vocals with positive delivery.

“Keep On” follows the same path as Clay Joule’s previous releases in delivering an insightful message. The song will take you on a cleansing journey to deliver its message. A journey of self-love and the urge to have control over your life may seem like a repetitive topic, but believe me when I say, you haven’t heard what Joule has got to say elsewhere. The song will accompany you to the depths, stirring some thoughts about faith.

A dreamy, soothing intro opens the song, with the mellow piano notes and warm trumpet playing harmonizing to set the mood for celestial ground. Once the vocals enter, both warmth and vibrancy spread in the air. The seamless blend of jazz, funk, and pop offers such an atmospheric melody, which makes the journey both hypnotizing and energizing.

As the song progresses, you get a more chilling yet peppy vibe. This is the perfect balanced mixture, right? You’ll be immersed in the serene flow with the impassioned delivery of both vocals and instruments.

The melodious musicality and introspective writing are complemented by a music video that has some empowering visuals that enhance the journey. You’ll feel as if others are joining your journey, or you’re joining theirs, and you’re all learning how to “keep on” by following your inner voice and resonating dreams.

Clay Joule is giving you the cue to “keep on.” So I suggest enjoying every bit of the journey he crafted masterfully and keeping on.