Tay’s stage moniker is “The Man In The Flame,” and he is unquestionably a star on fire! He’s a brilliant musician that understands how to narrate through perfectly written lyrics, exceptional, high-energy vocals, and a music mix of the past and present to produce a genuine composition. “Keep it steady” is an addictive piece that once you hear it, you’ll play it on repeat. The intro is incredibly dynamic with the rich guitar riffs and Tay’s steady tone to begin narrating calmly. Then the tempo picks up in both melodies and vocals with some folk and country vibes, and additional layers are revealed in the guitar and drums arrangement, as well as the passionate, outstanding vocals. The chorus is captivating and makes you mumble “There’s a monster in the mirror…”, and the lyrics, with its plot, draw you to listen, sympathize, and enjoy. The music itself has some twists and turns that will astonish you at how unpredictable it is.

Taylor Christian Gomolisky has a remarkable story to tell, and you can learn and enjoy it by listening to “Keep it steady” below

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