Kato Hafez is a one member metal band from Alexandria, Egypt, that was formed last year. Hafez seeks to introduce good Metal music with Egyptian Arabic dialect. It’s the first Metal band which introduces something like that after Taaleem Magany and Worsens.

Kato Hafez gained a lot of recognition after his singleBelad El Aklaaq was released last year. When I checked the EP through his SoundCloud the high numbers of checking and listening really shocked me. His single sky rocketed in no time which could mean genuine change of the Alexandrian Metal Scene and an opening door for many bands to follow in his footsteps. The EP contains 4 original tracks.

The First one is ‘Soaal’ – A Question. ‘Soaal’ was a good start to the album. It’s a nice calm track and a really deep one too. The idea of the track was really catchy, how many questions do we ask ourselves? How many answers are we seeking? I liked its atmosphere. The second track is ‘Tareeq Taweel’ – A Long Path. ‘Tareeq Taweel’ carries the feelings of solitude, exile and despair. The music has a distinct scent of loneliness in it. One of the best things about this track is that it is suitable for all listeners, whether you are a metal head, rocker or something else entirely, you will enjoy it.

‘Belaad El Akhlaaq’ – Country of Manners -, its melodies are catchy and really impressed me. One of the reasons listeners enjoy Kato Hafez’s music is because of how touching and nostalgic it is. Personally, it reminded me of “Spacetoon’s” animated series’ intro music.

‘A Boat of Distance’ is the last track of the EP. I liked its melodies. Personally, I thinks it is the best track on the EP. It is really a bitter track.

Finally, I would like to send Kato Hafez my support and greetings. I liked the idea of keeping the essence and the taste of metal music and the smell and the touch of the Egyptian personality. Using music as a mirror to talk about his negative feelings, depression, pain, and darkness. I congratulate you and put the rate of 9.5 out of 10. Keep going and please; Egyptians Metal heads and Rockers support this talent.

Reviewed by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Ahmed S. Khalil