Kingston, Ontario band Kasador – Cameron Wyatt (vocals/guitar), Boris Baker (bass), and Stephen Adubofuor (drums) – have woven years of tumult through their mid-late twenties into something powerful and real: a tight-knit, sincere, and caring rock and roll band hitting full sprint, with their sophomore LP, Youth, about memory, relationships, and how the relentless passage of time shapes and constantly reshapes all of those things.

Recorded at Bathouse Studio with The Glorious Sons’ Brett Emmons producing and Nyles Spencer (Half Moon Run, July Talk) engineering, it’s a bright, punkish, emotional guitar-rock record that ultimately tracks the process of learning to be okay with not being okay. Vic Florencia (Olivia Rodrigo, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting) mixed the record and Peter Letros (Beyonce, Duran Duran) mastered. Hurled into uncertainty, Kasador embraced the fact that things won’t—can’t—last forever, working together to make sense of the gap between youthful dreams and very adult realities.

People often put up a hardened exterior to protect themselves, but underneath that exterior is a vulnerable and genuine human experience. “Quit Your Crying” is an unapologetic anthem delving into the very real frustrations that stem from watching a meaningful relationship crumble before your eyes and resorting to putting up barriers in response.


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