Mikey Brown, Adam Tobeck, Jonnie Barnard, Elliott Seung Il Park, and Joe Park were capable in a 12-track experience to take me in an impressive journey indeed represents various elements which you won’t only love their tightness and harmony that can easily be shown through their riffs and song structures but also, their music is capable to deliver such unique diversity and merge of retro psychedelic elements to nowadays modern rock sounds. Frankly, my favorite songs here are many, well, I loved Ferryman, Blue Dragon, Lety Me Go, and Mushrooms, but I loved the rest too, for example, the solo in Echoes and Stepping Stones was really stunning, and I recommend checking Morning Warning drumline, I believe it’s one of the best drum/bass lines that I heard in 2021. In general, the album is one of my favorite progressive albums in 2020/2021. Feel the vibes below, and get ready for such a journey!  

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Mena Ezzat


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