Lato’s latest single is a fear of tight and punchy drill of psychedelic rock, induced with a healthy dose of elements of stoner rock and grunge, for a result of outstanding character and a crisp quality.

Lato are a 6-piece rock outfit from Milan. Their sound in their latest single, titled Karisma Ape, is a melting pot of a plethora of iconic rock styles, mentioned earlier are grunge, stoner, and psychedelic rock, but i could bet i heard traces of garage rock, and even Brit pop somewhere in there, but regardless of genre naming, Karisma Ape left an impression as one of the most nicely recorded and cleanest sounding rock recordings in my recent memory. 

For a six piece, Lato’s sound is delightfully strained and controlled, you can clearly hear the 6 parts playing, but they never overstep their boundaries, leaving the stage front the entire time for Filippo Pavesi’s hot and bothered vocal delivery, which is as minimal as the simplistic composition, and as unique and inviting as the quality of the recording and production. The acoustic guitar rhythm track, the deep, sensational sounding bass, and crisp, roomy drums all propel the rhythm section of Karisma Ape, and subsequently Lato as a whole, to a tier of unmatched tightness, restraint, and control., for a result that’s, simply put, a delight for the senses.

Karisma Ape’s title is a perfect description for its music. The brutish charm of the simplistic harmony and melodies are ape-ish and definitely charismatic. Karisma Ape is a joy, and Lato are a sensational sounding group of professionals.