Kandle can weave magic so powerful because she feels it too, she is out here in the darkness with us. A true music industry veteran, she has been a powerhouse in the scene with an impressive career spanning over a decade.

“St. Paul’s” is the second single off her next album to be released in spring 2024. A hypnotic and sexy waltz through the corridors of pain and grief, “St. Paul’s” is catharsis in the face of despair. Coming back bolder than ever, self-produced and in charge, this fearless chanteuse shows us once again that her cinematic, raw songwriting can’t be packaged up and put in one simple category. With a wide range of influences ranging from Portishead to PJ Harvey, “St Paul’s” is just a taste of the highly anticipated release from one of Canada’s finest songwriters.

Under the cover of night and shadows, we lay bare all our deepest fears and despairs, reveling in the blurring of lines between dream and reality, pain and pleasure. Through Kandle‘s songs, we unfurl our grief, our mourning for a future that will never be while we attune to the profound knowing that the future was only ever an illusion, these fleeting moments of pain and pleasure are all we get.

Auteur Research