Celebrating their mixed influences and diverse, experimental writing, the New York-based rockers Canvas dropped their latest single Kamikaze Lightshow on the 27th of January 2023, an open-sounding tune that’s approachable to a wide range of audiences, let me tell you more about it.

Canvas opened Kamikaze Lightshow with a rocking bluesy riff and a groovy flow, promising an energetic moving experience ahead. Their heavy guitar tone and powerful expressive vocals were cleverly applied within Kamikaze Lightshow‘s progressing interesting structure, where they managed to create a solid and multi-layered structure with some well-written dynamics that kept me hooked and asking for more. The verse riff perfectly reflected the vocal’s energy and gave it the needed space to breathe, while setting up the mysterious mood building up to an exploding chorus. You can clearly hear Canvas‘ progressive, alternative rock, and funki-ish influences being mashed together forming a fresh sound that’s their very own, showing their good writing skills and musicianship. They kept on smoothly pushing forward into a bigger sound with an organic soft progression that keeps the listeners busy nodding their heads and stomping their feet.

Kamikaze Lightshow is a powerful and catchy piece that’ll instantly turn you into a fan of Canvas, showing off their writing skills, they managed to maintain a highly energetic presence without losing their momentum or overdoing things, keeping things enjoyable till the very end. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Canvas, keep on rocking guys!