Anyway, I have no idea what the band is doing on stage in the video including the dancers, and I frankly didn’t like it. It didn’t quite catch my affection. There have been few moments where I liked what they have been doing. One of them was at the beginning of the video, the drummer part while those cymbals were shining. The other part at 2:09, there’s this scene for the bassist and the vibration of the bass strings, it really had me staring at it. When it happened, I paid attention and the bass was clearly heard. Well, that was really enjoyable. Right after that about 0.5 seconds, there’s a scene of the drummer again and when he hits the snare drum, there is dust (or powder) in the air, I found that very impressive. Then apparently, a normal guy (not a metalhead I think) emerges from within the smoke. The crowd opened a moshpit where this normal guy is crushed, pushed, and dragged around by everyone in the moshpit.

Regarding the music, I really enjoyed listening to it. The bass part was a favorite for sure, and everything after it. The music during the moshpit part really needed that moshpit. The music is very energetic and great for head-banging. The vocals were good, not distinctive but really good. I really liked the drums throughout the music video. If I was to listen to the music again, I’d do it until I get bored. Watch the music video again? Maybe not. Like I said earlier, the band part on stage was not that likable. I mean, the dancers are “meh”.

Reviewed by: Nehal A. Ali
Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa


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