The video starts with the drummer on his kit, willing to hit the cymbals but in slow motion and once the sticks hit the beauties, the music starts. The video is about a gig, apparently. The band is on stage with 2 dancers and the crowd standing before them. What I liked here was the head-banging crowd and rising the horns during the entire video. What I liked the most was the 2 band T-shirts I noticed that 2 guys were wearing; one was an Iron Maiden T-shirt and the other was a Kreator one. I think there were more but I couldn’t notice any of it but, we’re not here to talk about the T-shirts.

Anyway, I have no idea what the band is doing on stage in the video including the dancers, and I frankly didn’t like it. It didn’t quite catch my affection. There have been few moments where I liked what they have been doing. One of them was at the beginning of the video, the drummer part while those cymbals were shining. The other part at 2:09, there’s this scene for the bassist and the vibration of the bass strings, it really had me staring at it. When it happened, I paid attention and the bass was clearly heard. Well, that was really enjoyable. Right after that about 0.5 seconds, there’s a scene of the drummer again and when he hits the snare drum, there is dust (or powder) in the air, I found that very impressive. Then apparently, a normal guy (not a metalhead I think) emerges from within the smoke. The crowd opened a moshpit where this normal guy is crushed, pushed, and dragged around by everyone in the moshpit.

Regarding the music, I really enjoyed listening to it. The bass part was a favorite for sure, and everything after it. The music during the moshpit part really needed that moshpit. The music is very energetic and great for head-banging. The vocals were good, not distinctive but really good. I really liked the drums throughout the music video. If I was to listen to the music again, I’d do it until I get bored. Watch the music video again? Maybe not. Like I said earlier, the band part on stage was not that likable. I mean, the dancers are “meh”.

Reviewed by: Nehal A. Ali
Edited by: Ahmad Mostafa