Ellie Bingham

Early 2020 before the whole world gets locked down, Toothbrush “Six big kids from London’s belt” as they describe themselves recorded their 1st single “Kaleidoscope” at Catherine Songs Studios and decided to release it 2 years later on the 29th of April, 2022 and today, we’re gonna review it so, buckle up!

It’s really interesting how Toothbrush went in such a raw and bold direction with their very 1st single “Kaleidoscope”. Mixing mellow tunes with punk -in your face- attitude, Toothbrush decided to approach the verse with a clean guitar melody and groovy bassline with a low-key sound giving all the attention to their words and vocal delivery which showed a lot of character. The conversational, storytelling vocal delivery kept me focused throughout the whole song. Its progression through the verse to the melodic chorus which had an on-point effect until reaching that screaming part toward the end channeled a lot of thoughts and emotions and showed their sarcastic attitude. 

“Kaleidoscope” shows a lot of potential and will make me keep a close eye on Toothbrush. Would love to listen to those guys tackling different subjects and going in different directions to shake things around. Totally recommended and looking forward for more, cheers!