Kahtamayan, the 26th night of ancient Persian calendar that its reputation as a result of its non-existence in the Arabian calendar, causing it to experience no change in the name over centuries. The name was later picked by Homayoon Majdzadeh (Guitars and Vocals) as the title of the music band that was to be formed in the late 90s. Eastern melodic atmospheres influenced with history of magic and legends are the main drive and taste of their tunes.

Brave enough to make their music downloadable for free through their official website, they opened the availability to us to officially review their first full-length album, Exir, which was released back in 2005 under the shades of –mainly- thrash metal.

Degeneration’ is your kick start to the all-instrumental, well-recorded album. Smooth acoustic guitar opener accompanied with sad electric guitar and drums paving the way to bass guitar’s aggressive appearance midway into the track. Few are the eastern touches in the track but traceable in each riff or solo.

‘Xenophobia’ gets you in doubtful moods once it starts, living up to its name, the track swings between anxiety and relaxation all through its 09:46 minuets lifespan. Continuing the fussy nature of thrash metal and the whole album we meet Fogyist, which means: an extremely fussy, old-fashioned, or conservative person… Well it makes sense for the very fast and hard hitting pace to the track.

After that you can skip ‘Mind Cancer’ and ‘Hydra’, no offence boys but I listened to it numerous times and never got any feeling out of them. Sorry for that.

Wrapping up with ‘The final station’, with little imagination you can see the band saying “That’s all folks!” in this track as it’s the finish line to this thrashy long-run-well put melodic track consists of multiple solos and nicely layered riffs, closing the Exir.