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Being a compliment, it is hard to describe what this song is about, there are techno beats and drums, among many more elements.

The song was written during a period of self-doubt, where Nathaniel took the opportunity to create this song.

“We all make mistakes. Then we have to live with them. This is about moving on from that time.” –Nathaniel Paul.

The track has a heavy psychedelic intro that quickly adds dreamy vocals. This is probably one of the best combinations for a summer hit. 

Then around 0:40 has fantastic surf, a retro turn that pleasantly surprises you, and better news, it happens a couple of times more throughout the song. Every time you think you got the hang of what the theme is all about, something new begins.

The latest single from Nathaniel Paul’s upcoming release, “Turpentine”, is out this summer. The title track already has +13K streams on Spotify.

Brooklyn-based USA Nathaniel Paul is a singer-songwriter and producer who has released music since 2020. His main influences are LoFi Rock and guitar music. With ‘Just Memories’, he opens a world of dreams and takes us on a journey of kaleidoscopic fantasies.

This is a song to be played on repeat and to show off as a unique find to your friends. Granted, Nathaniel Paul is also an artist to watch out for. We have hit follow and look forward to listening to more of his work in the, hopefully, not so far future.