Axl Jansen

A lovely indie pop rock artist is making some melodic western music, “Angela Chambers” has come to light with some cultivating and resilient sound to us with the release of a new song “Jumping The Gun” that was released on the 16th of March, 2022, Angela collaborated with “Casper Clausen” who added a soft touch to this piece and with the mix of both talents they made a unique release together.

The song “Jumping The Gun” has lush and full of beautiful melodious music and Angela’s talent in songwriting is extraordinary, which is not a surprise for such a young talented artist herself to come out with this piece. The song starts with a soft playing of a guitar and a soothing piano playing in the background and the lyrics are so magical that connect deeply within the mind with the deep and loving voice that sings along with the tunes.

“Jumping The Gun” has a beautiful black and white scenes official video that features Angela’s dreamy lyrics in her video. This song sets you in the best mood for some tea on a rainy day after work that will get you cozy at home.

Angela’s music has different vibes in each one of them and collaborating with different artists adds a great deal of uniqueness that is incredible such as “Askew,” “Disconnect,” and “Reaction.” A single such as “The Illusion” is also a great one she created with he deep and resonating vocals.