“This song is about the war in Gaza and asking for the Israeli government to stop their attacks on the population there.” This is Vincent Moss’s message through his latest single ‘Jump the Gun’ which is not only an exceptional rap rock music talent, but also, a real artist who cares about humanity and the dying ones in Gaza, Palestine. 

In support of the Palestinians and especially the civilians of Gaza “Jump the Gun” by the Canadian songwriter Vincent Moss showcases an impressive melodic tune that has a great chemistry between rap and rock. Musically, rap-rock isn’t a new musical form, and we all know many beloved bands who achieved this brilliantly. I believe that we need to add to this list, Vincent Moss. His powerful and emotive vocals alongside the melodic piano and guitar parts make the song easily catchy for our ears. 

It is evident that his music collection is rich with influences. His diverse selection of favourite bands such as Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Creed, Three Doors Down, Marillion, Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, the Police, the Cranberries, U2, and Bryan Adams has played a significant role in shaping his impressive musical output. This serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring artists, highlighting the importance of drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to enhance their creative range during the composition and songwriting phases.

“Jump the Gun” is inspired by the events unfolding since Oct 7 2023 in Gaza. According to Vincent’s press info; 

The initial events of Oct 7 were atrocious, but the response has been completely out of proportion and the violence, destruction and starvation need to be stopped. 

“You were wronged, so you want to fight, but demolition, destitution, guns and bullets won’t bring restitution”. 

Also inspiring me to take a stance was 

  1. 1) the movement
  2. 2) hearing Jonathan Glazer‘s acceptance speech at the Oscars criticizing the Israeli government and 
  3. 3) reading about families of hostages captured by Hamas asking the Israeli government to stop their attacks and saying #notinmyname

Being Egyptian and closely following current events, we wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. We extend our official gratitude to Vincent Moss for his remarkable single.