Alise Albitre

Everything But Everything brings immense blend of Post-Punk, Dark Wave, and 80’s Rock. Their music may have come across your way before, and now we’re going back in time to enjoy their two-year-old single “Jump.”

Izzy The Gent started Everything But The Everything as a solo project, but it quickly evolved into a collaborative.  As in this case, “Vacances,” who used to play with Izzy The Gent in “The Frail,” delivers vocals on “Jump.” In addition to, Landon Cisneros on drums and Andrew Gomez on synths, who are elevating the single’s sound. And it was recorded and mixed by studio producer Rex Shelverton in San Francisco.

If you’re having one of those days when you’re feeling low and can’t pull yourself out of bed, “Jump” will make you bounce instantly, right from the intro. The vocals, melody, instrumentation, and production are all working together to create the most energetic vibe. The mix of Post-Punk grooves and 80’s ambiance is irresistible. The stellar guitar riffs and dynamic drumbeat will keep you moving, and the melodic, raw vocals with a vintage tone make it more engaging. You can clearly see how Izzy The Gent is a profilic artist and crafts flawless pieces that get you hooked.

If you’re a Post-Punk junkie, you’ll become a fan of Everything But The Everything and their distinct sound from the first listen.