The song is bursting with life! The guitar riffs are incredible, and their rhythms, combined with the drumbass, are like a narcotic drug, causing you to soar with the seagull. The melodies alternate between classic rock and indie rock with psychedelic rock vibes, leaving you astounded at Dencker’s ability to produce such blended rock tunes with comforting sensations.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the unusual bird, is the subject of the fable. The majority of seagulls’ lives revolve around eating and surviving. Flying is merely a method of locating food. on the other hand, flaying to Jonathan is his life. Ian’s peaceful, soothing vocals with processing the fable in touching lyrics are urging us to follow Jonathan’s lead and “Always follow your own quest” as Giving us the courage to fly higher and higher in order to discover who we truly are and pursue our passions.

We forget who we are and what we’re capable of from time to time. In his twelfth and most recent single, “Jonathan,” the undeniably gifted artist Ian Dencker gives us a gently reminder and a push to fly.


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