Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Voltz is continuing to gear up for the release of Running Away, his upcoming album out on September 29th, with “Superhero,” a new taste of the record which is all about hidden power.

Produced by album collaborator, Montreal producer Oliver Charles, this upbeat, sexy, and playful release exudes what Voltz refers to as a “quiet, internal confidence.”

“The music told us what the song was about,” Voltz explains. “That maybe deep down you have a secret super power you haven’t unlocked yet, and you just need to try. And that trying is the part that makes you a superhero – to show up for yourself and bring it.”

The song’s soulful blend of rock and pop is highly melodic, centering the groove of Voltz’s electric guitar playing. “It had to have just the right bounce and vibe, I played that probably fifty times ’til it was perfect. The guitar is everything in this track,” he adds.

“This song calls for you to be curious about your inner strength, and to have the courage to show up for yourself, which is a common theme I want to get across,” says Voltz.

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