Hazy, heady, hedonistic and hopeful. JEEN introduces her forthcoming album, Gold Control, with lead single “Just Shadows,” putting a firm foot forward for this luminous ten tracker. Its quick frantic pace bounces along and transports the listener to those communal sweaty nights in dodgy, body-packed underground clubs with the band five feet away making all feel as one.

Just Shadows” considers how the dark parts of life can snuff out the light. It’s about getting through it so we don’t become casualties of our worst days. We’d love to see it shared!

Gold Control glides along the same trajectory as its predecessors while maintaining its own identity. Grunge. Garage. Psych-rock. Punk. Tinges of Shoegaze. Her influences continue to shine as she crafts them into her own vehicle. JEEN joins creative forces once again with long-time collaborator and co-producer, Canadian indie musician Ian Blurton.

Auteur Research