Love Ghost are no strangers when it comes to making personal and heartfelt songs. Songwriter Finnegan Bell has been known for his heartfelt and heart-wrenching songs. On their latest single, Jealousy, the band experiments with matching the emotional rollercoaster of their lyrics with an equally dynamic track that changes its pace and energy according to the part of the story being told.

The track opens with a clean guitar progression that’s both modern-sounding and ominous. It lowkey channels feelings of 2000s pop-punk and alternative (that a lot of people referred to as emo rock in the day). The chorus opens with the epic lines:

 “Jealous of the rain, as it runs down your skin

Jealous of your pain, as it lives inside of you”

And I don’t think there could have been a more honest and heartfelt description of the feeling of jealousy the singer feels towards his estranged lover. To add more fuel to the fire, the singer’s voice sounds cracked, broken, and on the verge of tears. He has an amazing way of timing his notes while keeping his phrases short, his vowels short, and his consonants strong and well-emphasized…it almost felt like he is arguing with his lover due to that angsty and troubled way of singing. 

The second verse begins with heavier guitars than the first one, and we have a short bridge before one last chorus with more of those roaring guitars and shreddy sound. Conventionally, a song would end there and this would be all the musicians do, but surprisingly, there was a second bridge with a transition into a very different-sounding outro that serves as some sort of a conclusion to the painful journey we just went through.

All in all, this song had some very smooth transitions between its different sections and intense emotional delivery that lures the listeners in and makes them empathize with the storyteller’s pain. I recommend this track to people who want a rock track with some 2000s pop-punk vibes put in a modern scope.