I believe one of the staples of acoustic or folkloric songs is the strong presence of storytelling and emotionally charged lyrics…and this can’t be more true with James Spencer’s “My Hand & My Heart”.

The emotional energy, ups and downs of this song is similar to that of a short movie…it takes you on a very heartfelt journey that brings out the best in our hearts.

James masterfully crafts this ballad for a friend and the story of it goes like this, as James describes it “It is an emotionally charged ballad about being there for a friend in a dark place”…

“My Hand & My Heart” manages to put a lot into one tightly wrapped present…it has folk, rock and celtic DNA within its sonic realm…

…adding to that, you have the musical instruments to back this up.

You have acoustic guitars, flutes, violin, mandolin, drums and many more…and it is even more substantial when you’re nearing the end of the song…everything goes to a very artful and emotional musical climax that really culminates all of the feelings in the whole song.

James comes from Barnstaple, the UK…and through his songs, especially his latest “My Hand & My Heart” he wants to extend the message to all the people of the world…he is aware of how the world took a dark turn when the pandemic started and this is his letter to the world, extending his support both mentally and physically…and how he wishes for all people of the world to get over the physical and mental issues that they endured during the past couple of years…and maybe even the purpose goes beyond that…

James’s message is universal and it is an important one…you got to take a listen.

James…we wish you all the best in the world as you wish it upon everyone with your music and songs, you too deserve the best.

Can’t wait to see what you craft next for the world.