It has been four long LONG years for the fans of famous Jordanian group JadaL since the band’s last album El Makina release… and we have been promised an album for 2 years now. Now and finally, the wait is over with the band releasing their third album Malyoun.

JadaL has gone through disturbances after their first album Arabic rocks when lead vocal Ramy Delshad left the band causing a drop in their music’s depth, which was one cut directed towards their second album, another cut was that they went from rock to pop rock, a place where many Arabic speaking groups gone and never returned.

As soon as they announced their album, everyone went crazy with excitement. Had to wait sometime until the hype was over so we can focus on this review we’re presenting you:

Now, they are finally back, still on the same track – I suppose -with a break up song named ‘Kanz’… He is the Kanz, she lost him, she will regret it, she is and ungrateful ***** who forgot about everything he has ever done for her and –seemingly- she is seducing other men. Despite all of this he is begging her to stay. The song really doesn’t quite make much sense but it has a catchy chorus and some sweet ass –JadaL branded- guitar solos, it’ll pass.

Musically it is not different much than El Makina songs; the song starts slow, builds up throughout the song to reach its peak towards the end, just like ‘I’m in love with walabint’, ‘Ana bkhafmn el commitment’ and ‘Ma Raddatish’ from last album.

The music video features – as always- lyrics of the songs infused into it and it mainly concentrates on Mahmoud playing the guitar in a dark atmospheric vibe.

Finally, to honest, and although of how much I am a fan of JadaL but the song is not much, not rewarding enough for the long wait but It most definitely is something for thirsty JadaL fans to feast their ears on.

Edited by: NJ Bakr


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