Today we’re touching ground with a previously only slightly explored category here at RockEra; young aspiring rock musicians. Surfing through the grand worldwide web we e-met Jackson Cook‘s music through

He’s a young talent from Canada and has a couple of songs uploaded there.

His music is what will instantly remind you of Blink182 or Simple Plan, probably memories you’re trying to push aside; you being a teen and thinking these bands being so ‘badass’ and ‘hardcore’. Anyways you get what we’re trying to say; Cook‘s trying to be loud, rocking and bad.

From a personal point of view speaking, I think the guy does have some (hidden?) talent, however the production of the music isn’t top notch. He’s out of synch a lot, and given that he has won some price for young talented songwriters, his music includes a lot of ‘space fillers’ ohohohs, nananas, and pretty much senseless repeated phrases.

The music does have something that could be developed and even make it more successful. The instrumentals are okay, there’s a catchy tune, songs do have their moments and the music is pretty commercial. I guess Cook could be touring and have 12 years old drooling and screaming at his shows. If that’s his audience, then great! However at the same time there’s pretty much a constant music-ruining element in all his songs.

There’s not much of an intellectual thing about it or a factor that makes it really unique. Cook’s voice sounds like nagging at some passages, and like badly made pop punk at others.

There’s a talent, however that needs to be nurtured and produced properly! We’re still keeping an eye on him, who knows, maybe in a couple of years there’ll be some solid material that we’ll love and praise to heaven!

Written by: Jamie Tofu
Edited by: Nj Bakr

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