Fremmand is a Faroese indierock band whose name means stranger in Faroese, alluding to the themes of alienation, loneliness, and isolation that run through many of their songs. Their latest single, “It’s Too Late,” is an excellent example of this concept, as they wrote evocative lyrics to conjure up images of a lonely person who has been betrayed by the person who was supposed to be their best friend. Finally, it must come to an end. This bond must be severed from its roots.

The lead singer, Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, with her vocals, succeeded in bringing the conflicting thoughts and how tough the decision was to be made to life. The shady vibes of the guitar playing from the start make you wonder around the streets with that girl, feeling how her mind is messy right now, yet clear on what she wants to do. The band’s guitarists were able to create a fascinating sound landscape. The constant rhythms of the drums and bass were perfectly suitable for the single vibes.

With so many love and break-up songs out there, it’s good to hear a song that cares to say: “friends may break your heart, too.”

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Viola Karmy