ASM just released a single as a part of an upcoming album “All You Need”, it’s their 6th album and it’s released to celebrate their 4th anniversary. The Duo, Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström, originally from Stockholm worked on this album together in terms of music and lyrics. They are spontaneous in their line of work that their total production took only 2 weeks, a week to compose and another to record and mix. It was all unplanned and was just inspired in the heat of the moment. 

The first thing that caught my attention was the duo’s choice of stage name, it made me quite curious about its origin and whether there’s a story behind it. “It’s Not Love” is a Lo-Fi, chilled track that puts you in a stable mood, a good choice if you want to work and stay focused. It starts with a pattern on the drum pad then later a keyboard with sound effects comes in with the standard 1,4,5 chord progression paving the way for the melody to set the mood for the song with a guitar motif and an interesting melodic theme maintained throughout the track. Later the vocal line Is introduced, it sounded like he was crying or regretful as he kept repeating “I thought we were something else”. 

The band best described their work as “The minimalism has become minimalistic, but the monotony remains.” This makes perfect sense once you listen to this album and their previous ones, they even added that “All You Need” has darker streaks than the previous ones but with a more dramatic flair.


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