Britpop artist Tom Minor’s latest single “It’s Easy to Play Hearts” tells the story of the heart when it’s getting broken…

Tom’s vocal performance and delivery carries so much weight and emotions to the musical experience…it feels like not only he’s singing, it actually feels like he’s on stage, performing live in a musical play and he’s putting all of his singing, vocal and performance energy into overdrive mode.

With such heavy topic, you’d think you’d be in for a melancholic musical experience…however, Tom chose to go for an upbeat pop tempo…the goal is not to live in the dark moment, but actually to wash away the pain of the moment…the pain is real, even so, but Tom’s “It’s Easy to Play Hearts” is here for the rescue…it’s here to take the weight off of our shoulders…and it does what it promises.

The experience that Tom give us is a multi-sensory, melodic and lyrical one…the lyrics are relatable to almost anyone on the world, wherever they might be from…it reaches the heart…then the music and melodies come to open the heart and give a boost of energy to the soul…it will make you move…and would feel right at home on both the dance floors or during the dark and lonely times between the four walls of our rooms…either way, it’s gonna move you, both physically and emotionally.

Tom Minor’s attention to musical details is absolutely mesmerizing, the sounds and instrumentation of any melodic or percussive element is extremely polished and sparkly…and as we said, the vocal performance is top-notch…that’s why this is the whole package, neatly wrapped and ready to be consumed by all types of music lovers.

Wishing Tom all the best in life, he surely deserves it.

Can’t wait to see what Tom comes up with next for his audiences and fans…pssst, we’re part of them.


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