Todd Murray (a.k.a Sincerely, Iris) style is best known as “road trip music.” I believe what distinguishes his music is that it has a lot of influences from the American culture along with many characteristics from the golden era of classic rock. Recently, he has teamed up with a 3 piece band to expand the heaviness of his “road trip sound.” Well, the guitar line is iconic and I am really glad that I am listening to an experienced artist because many these days miss something very important which is the vocals suit the music or aligned! Yeah! Believe me, I am receiving tons of submissions daily, and sadly they miss such a major thing, but this isn’t the case over here, because I love how the music is very smooth either for its structure, vocals, melody, and tightness. “The past year or so has really shown the good and bad parts of human nature. It might not be up to us to fix other people. Instead of heading to social media to try to fix the problem, sometimes karma takes care of that kind of thing. This song is about that.” – Todd Murray explained.  Feel the charm below! 

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Mena Ezzat