Christmas is the season for everyone, as is Rich Chambers’ timeless tune, “It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World).” Christmas can be felt everywhere, but only here will you find a rocker Santa who jingles the air with rock ‘n’ roll vibes.

I was introduced to Rich Chambers earlier this year when I got the opportunity to listen to his single “I Wonder” and do a blissful interview with him. Since then, I’ve realized that he does things in his own way; he’s a professional rocker who knows how to rock a room with infectious hooks, a fiery performance, and introspective lyrical content. I remember him calling “I Wonder” a “guilty pleasure” even though it was more meaningful than most recent hits at the time! That’s why even a holiday song like “It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)” sounds different than any other carol, because it has the remarkable soul he puts into his music.


“It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)” bursts with merry atmosphere right from the start. The less than 30-second instrumental intro is enough to wake the child in you and let them dance joyously all over the place. Once Chambers’ vocals enter, they make one feel like they’re only dazzled by the wrapping of the gift, and now as they see what it holds, they can sense genuine joy. Because yes, he’s able to craft some catchy riffs that are melodically appealing, but there’s something about his zealous voice that urges you to feel happy, as if Christmas warm vibes will last forever in your heart.

“I have always been a huge fan of Christmas, so naturally, as a songwriter, I love writing songs about the holidays.” Rich Chambers stated. And it’s shown in his writing and execution that he’s driven by passion; he delivered his love in an authentic way that made The Grinch himself instantly love Christmas and everything about it.

Each element adds its own spark; when combined, they appear like bright, colorful lights in a tree of hope, where one can gather with family around it, feel the wonderful spirit, and sing, “Oh, how I believe in the Christmas star!” And that’s the beauty of Christmas. It gathers everyone and allows them to be children again. It’s nothing like a Halloween where children are running on a sugar high; it’s where everyone can run delightfully with glee sounds of all ages, adding a humane harmony to blissful tunes like Chambers’.

To get a better vision of what I’m saying, you can just watch the music video and enjoy the well-thought-out animated video that will put you on the right track of the express train to Christmas essence. And for full-on festival euphoria, you can listen to the entire album, “Santa’s Rockin’ Band.”

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