Charlie Freeman’s music has been so missed since his last album ‘Let there be love’ released in 2021, and luckily he gives a surprise dose of warmth and joy with his new heartfelt single called ‘it’s Christmas’, dropped on the 12th of December from London, UK. Charlie is a songwriter who performs with a full live band l. He has been working on his new album ‘Freedom’ which will be released in the coming new year. Enchanting us with his indie pop tunes, Charlie has always wanted to create a Christmas song, and therefore he took the opportunity to make it to the list of our favorite Christmas songs and carols this year! Charlie also plans to resume his world tour that was on hold since the pandemic, with dates across UK, Spain, US, and Argentina. 

The song kicks off with a mellow piano melody and a dreamy soundscape that uplifts your spirit as the intense vocals of Charlie hit your eardrums. The song has a nice perk of encouraging being kids again, a notion much needed in today’s world full of ok going tragedy and heartache. It’s comforting to know there are people who still don’t want to lose the innocence and joy we have once known, and what better way to rekindle this energy than in a Christmas song! The overall sound of the song is heartwarming, positive and filled with reassurance. The musical arrangement is dynamic, leaving no hint of boredom to the listener. Alongside the piano, there is a subtle guitar at the back and the sleigh bells are sprinkled on the beat every few seconds, in such a way that is not the typical heavy existence of the bells. The song suddenly introduces a set of drums and percussion sounds that intensify the beat. The chorus with its ‘forget about your worries’, is really catchy and we love the switches between the slow and faster mood. The vocals are emotive, and sometimes high pitched which shows a lot of passion! 

You must get this song on this year’s Christmas playlist for a pop of kiddy feelings!