Ever felt like you’re struggling to fit in? like you’re an outsider? Did you used to hide in your shell rather than communicate? It’s alright, you’re not alone, and you’ll get through that. How do I know? Listen to “It’s Alright” and you’ll believe it.

“It’s Alright” is Certain’s third single, featuring Amara Latchford on vocals. The song has incredible summer vibes and could be played literally anywhere: on the beach, in a car, on a solo late-night walk, at a party to dance while some make their best moves and others are being goofy and enjoying their bad dancing, or in a room with someone grabbing the brush, turning it into a mic, and singing along loudly.

Right from the intro, you’ll know for sure that you’re about to hear something light and euphoric. The melody is dazzling and atmospheric. All the elements blend in harmony and effortlessly charm the listener, making it hard not to fall in love with the song. Latchford has such warm, melodious vocals! Her silky, mellow tone makes you believe anything she says. She is singing delicately: “If there’s someone for me, there will be someone for you. If I can find the one, you’re gonna find it too. ” So, you’ll believe her and wait for the one.

The single is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day. It calms your anxious mind by assuring it that you will not always feel like an outcast; you will find someone who will make you stop hiding, stand beneath the spotlight with them, dance badly together, and feel warm for the first time, because “It’s Alright.”